Artis impressions // illustrations

Innovations demand for images. To convince people, share insight en to make people enthousiastic.
We work with designers, engineers, researchers, artists and architects. For press releases, pitches and fund raising.

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Effective // learning to sketch

We provide in-house design sketching training at Design companies and Universities. In our studio we offer various workshops for small groups (3-6 persons). Both woth marker and using the latest digital techiques.

In-house Education Sketching school



- sketching tips tools en tutorials to get you started -

tips for sketching

If you need some time to reflect or to find out what can help you sketching. Here you will find tips from warming up or about building your portfolio.

about sketching tools

Especially when you start with a new medium, it can be quite confusing what tools may suit you best in which cases. Check out our findings on markers and digital tools.

Online tutorials

There is nothing better than live action, when it comes to learning to sketch. We have posted (and will continue doing so) several tutorials.

visual impact

Consult // Advice // custom made

We are specialised in design visualisation and communication of ideas. You can contact us for custom made advice regarding product presentations, portfolio's, and visual communication of ideas, with impact.

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our books

Together, we have written 3 design sketching books. In all of them the demo's and examples of our own hand are accompanied by example cases from leading designers. Our books are regarded as a standard among international design education.

Stap-voor-stap learning to sketch

Sketching the Basics

Advanced sketching techniques

Sketching drawing techniques for product designers

Visual language in the context of product design

Sketching presentation

about sketching

  • History

    When Sketching just started we developed in-house workshops for design studio's. In 2007 our first book Sketching drawing techniques was published, which became an immediate success globally. Shortly after, its prequel Sketching the Basics was published. Our books are regarded as standard works for design sketching education.
    Meanwhile visual communication consult and educational consult has become part of our portfolio.

  • Method

    Sketching is embedded in the liveliness of the design process, and designers make context driven sketches. Our workshops directly put sketching to use in product design. We aim to make effective use of sketching as a design tool. Our collaborations are individual and tailor made, as we believe everyone follows a specific learning curve.

  • Culture

    We are visual thinkers... pragmatic in our approach and aimed at results that pay out on the long run.

  • Methode

    Design visualisatie is ingebed in een levendig proces; ontwerpen. Tekeningen en presentaties zijn context gestuurd. In onze workshops zul je dan ook schetsen direct, ontwerpend toepassen. We streven ernaar om je het meeste uit je visualisaties te laten halen als ontwerp tool.

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Koos Eissen, M.Ed.

For 40 years Koos Eissen has been associate professor and head of the Design Drawing Techniques staff of the Technical University Delft (TU Delft), Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, in the Netherlands. Now he travels the globe to help Design Universities with their design sketching education.  



    roselien steur, M.Sc., BA.

    Roselien Steur is guest-lecturer at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague (KABK), at the Post Academic Course of Industrial Design. She is an experienced lecturer at both university and art academy level who specializes in design sketching workshops for professionals.


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