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of idea and process


“With that sketch the idea started to live.”

We are specialized in realistic, freehand visuals. We work for and with architects, design engineers, app developers, researchers, artists and designers.

Artist impression

presentation // context // realistic

A realistic artist impression can communicate a concept with great impact. This enables you to effectively involve and energize stakeholders.

We make freehand sketched, realistic drawings. We can do this based upon a CAD model, or based upon several plan views.
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product scenario

realistic // interaction // people

When an product or services is designed, a visual scenario can help to judge or communicate the impact of the idea in reality.
We specialize in realistic scenario's that can be used to raise funds or to convince people and to inspire and energize others for your idea.

Technical illustration

explain // proces // infographic

Adding a visual or infographic to a research paper or report can be an important communication aid. Process illustrations provide for an overview of operation, and can show the relation of various properties. Last but not least, can adding a visual lead to a stronger impact in communicating and idea.

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What and why

During the first dialogue we will discuss purpose of the drawings. Together we will determine what kind of drawings suit best. Based upon this discussion we will make a planning and a quote.

Ideate & Iterate

We start with research and we will come up with several prepositions/ preliminary sketches. Often, during a lively process' this is the point where issues arise, that were not made visual earlier. This is an iterative process which is specific for each situation. .


When all decisions have been made, we can start the actual elaboration of the drawings. In general, the whole process of drawing takes up several work days.


impression // context // visualisation

Based upon sketches and discussion we make an impression of the design.


detail // surrounding // full colour

Working from plan views, we will construct a realistic artist impression of your design set in the situated within its future urban planning surrounding. A 3D CAD model is not necessary, but can support the making of the drawings.

quick impression

freehand // planned urban setting // colour


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