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Advice in visual impact of ideas in form and image


“We like to share our knowlegde of visual product communication”

If you are looking for advice to better communicate your ideas visually, we can help. Crowd funding, for example, requires another visual style that a pitch for a potential client.

We have a wide variety of experience in design visualisation and visual language. Both by practical experience and by authoring our books, we have gained insight "behind the curtains" of leading design companies.

Design styling

look & feel // form giving // semiotic

Are you looking for a critical view at your work? Do you want to better connect the shape language of your design to fit the tartget group? Are you looking to optimize the meaning in a product shape to better clarify its usage?
Do you want the concept idea or innovative material to better stand out in your design?
That is possible.



- if you start as a designer you can use some extra help -

design visualisation

Especially for small, start-up companies it is crucial to make people enthousiastic about your designs to join or invest, for exmaple. Visual communication plays an important role in this.
How can you best visualise your product idea in a pitch or at a fund raising campaing?

design styling

How do you works towards the best look & feel of your product? Can shape language help strengthen the concept? How does its shape get more meaning?

product portfolio

How do you make sure your product portfolio represents you and your company better? How do you make sure your portfolio helps you better to achive your goals?


“Education continously changes, just like the role of a designer in society”

Do you wish to know more about what design sketching education to offer your students to get them visualize their ideas better and more effective? What competences to reach for, and how to set up a solid curriculum?

Over the years we have gathered our expertise in design sketching education at both universities and art academies globally. We can advise you which competences suit today's design practice and how to incorporate these into your curriculum.
Teacher team training is very effective in getting all involved working towards the same goals. Our instructors can inspire you with up-to-date insight in the application of sketching in practice.

Our clients




If you are looking for a critical view, or interested and want to know more, please get in contact with Roselien or Koos.

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