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June 2017

G Master Skyline shoe wins RedDot

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Yes! The shoe design project of our client, Graphene Master, has won a 2017 Red Dot design award for Product Design!! As we were part of the design team of the G Master Skyline shoe, that makes us extra proud!

It is a fantastic reward for our efforts and contribution to the design.

Dr. Shou-En Zhu, of Graphene Master , came to us for advice on how to finalise the design in terms of detailing and appearance, and asked for our expertise on visual communication of the product. Shou-En Zhu is known to have developed an innovative 3D printing technique on nano-scale. This technique enables for very strong yet ultimately lightweight material. In his collaboration with Haozheng Zhu, this technology is applied in a sport shoe for city runners. (The material then resulted in an agile and extremely lightweight design.)

In several sessions we worked together with Dr. Shou-En Zhu and product designer Haozheng Zhu Msc. in finalising the form and appearance of the running shoe.

“.. The G Master Skyline shoe is a 3D printed shoe, designed for runners who are living in busy cities. It provides runners with agile, cool, supportive and safe experience..”

June 2017

CityHawk : ZERO emission flying car

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The latest project we have been working on together with our client Urban Aeronautics is taking a lift-off.
Their press release, as posted in New Atlas announces the creation of this green air vehicle, and the developments are now unraveling quickly.

Flying cars are a hot item, but not all concepts are realistic and there are much obstacles to overcome. Some need a lot of space to take off, either because of their inability to take off vertically or in that they have big wings. Others will leave a large carbon footprint, need massive batteries, or have large rotors.
We are happy to be part of the developments of this air vehicle. It is a very compact, so called VTOL vehicle, meaning it can take off and land vertically. In comparison to other air vehicles it needs only little surface to do so, and it can perform “clean’.

“.. CityHawk is unique in combining a compact, car-sized design that has a four passenger capacity, no exposed rotors or wings, no batteries and potential for zero carbon emissions.  Hydrogen's only byproduct is pure H2O.  Perhaps most critical is that CityHawk achieves these groundbreaking qualities while meeting all design criteria that are the basis for eventual FAA/EASA certification.  This paves the way for true, unrestricted commercial viability.…”

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Our sketches have served as a first iteration of the design of the vehicle’s body. Based on these sketches the company produced a 3D print, so now we are currently proud owners of the first edition 3D print !

September 2016

Styling the Winkmagic

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During his stay at the UNIST university in South Korea, Koos worked together with chair professor Myunwoo Lee in a device called “WinkMagic”.
“.. I worked on the design of the WinkMagic, a innovative device to quickly and long lasting extent eyelashes. Prof. Myunwoo Lee is regarded in the USA as ‘The fashion’-designer, and is well known among Hollywood’s celebrities hairdressers, having designed several beauty products.…”

“..For this latest device, the eyelash extender called WinkMagic, I am responsible for the styling of the product’s exterior. I wanted the appearance of this product of technical innovation, to be suitable in a filmset or beauty studio setting, so I focussed on the emotional aspects related to comfort and fashion…”
The project now has reached its crowd funding goal.

More info about the project can be seen on :

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September 2016

Ruim 4 maanden SKETCHING bij UNIST, Zuid-Korea

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Spring and summer 2016, Koos was a visiting professor at the UNIST National Institute of Science and Technology in Ulsan, South Korea.
“.. Working there on invitation for a few months was an interesting experience within a totally different culture. Respect and dedication in Korean universities is a must, and students were eager to work hard. Within Korean culture, however, it seemed difficult for students to be creative and critical about their work, and that of others. The intention of inviting people from international background was to stimulate design thinking in order to meet and compete with international standards.
My role in the School of Design was to do so as well, and I worked with several groups of students to develop suitable sketching techniques highly related to creativity in design. A workshop I had with UNIST design professors had the same goal.

The sketching courses were received with sparkling enthusiasm, and several highly talented students really stood out. Sketching has now become part of the new curriculum, and we will stay in touch for further consultation...”

Juni 2016

Back to school

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After being a teacher quite some time now, I decided it was time to get back to school myself. I joined the Adobe Education Exchange community, and found myself surrounded by other educators in a similar situation, as the course centered around new mobile (app) storytelling media, and how to incorporate this in your own classroom .

It took me several weeks of online learning and doing, I was rewarded with a "digital diploma" in the Digital Storytelling course of Adobe Education Exchange. I must say that being on the other side of the line, and getting a certificat instead of giving one for a change, felt like in the old days!

spring 2016

International Architecture and Design Congress Factor 2016, Queretaro, Mexico.

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Early 2016 we were invited to Mexico, to share our knowledge, experience and sketching joy. It was the 9th edition of the International Architecture and Design Congress Factor, held at the University Tecnologico de Monterrey Campus Queretaro. The congress was a meeting place of industrial designers and architects to share experiences with students and of course each other. A variety of guest speakers from Mexico, Argentina, Spain, USA, Thailand, Switzerland and we from the Netherlands.
Koos had some beautiful meetings, speaking with famous people like architects Tod and Billie, food designer Pablo Jeifetz ( and Laura Noriega. It felt like a big design family together with Steve Doehler (University of Cincinnati), Ruben and Maria Jose ( and Jan Glasmeier ( and Carlos and Guillaume (

Koos took the honors of being the speaker of the closing session. The University also invited Koos to be an academic leader, doing suggestions to improve the quality of education in design sketching and giving workshops to students and professors. We will stay in contact to share our knowledge to evaluate their new curriculum.

spring 2016

“All designers sketch, although not all admit it…”

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Interview SKETCHING in DesignDaily.

January 2016

SKETCHING workshop in India

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At the start of this year (2016) Koos Eissen was in India on invitation for an intensive two week Workshop at the DYP-DC center for automotive research and studies, which is part of the DY Patil University. Koos trained under-graduate students in Sketching and exchanged expertise with lecturers and the head of the faculty.

SKETCHING will continue to stay in contact to further develop design sketching related parts of the curriculum at DYP-DC.


40 jaar student assistents

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After almost 40 years Koos Eissen leaves his desk at the Faculty of Industrial Design at the Delft Technical University. During his working career he has been responsible for the Design Sketching education of Industrial Design. Because of his innovative vision, pioneering activities and persistent character, Koos has been the driving force in the development in the design sketching curriculum for several decennia. He initiated the transition from pencil sketching to marker use, and later on he paved the road for digital sketching.
During all this time, students, selected for their outstanding sketching skills, assisted in education. Koos has always had a place in his heart for ‘his’ student assistants. Anke Kempen and Roselien Steur then organized a reunion of this selected group. It took “several-100” emails to track each and every one, and get the chronology right. As it turned out, a relatively high percentage of them became leading industrial designers.

For all of them it appeared to have been a special time during their studies. To give Koos a tangible proof of gratitude and thank him one more time, personal words of thanks and sketches from over 100 (former) student assistants were collected, representing 4 decennia of Koos’ teaching career. All was printed in a unique and personal 196 pages book for him!

Thank you, Koos!

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SKETCHING workshop in Taiwan

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"..After his 13 hr flight back, no sleep for too long, Koos enthusiastically tells me all about the DESIGN SKETCHING Workshop for students of the Department of Industrial Design at the Tunghai University, Taiwan.

Armed with sketching gear and interpreter, this 4 day workshop has resulted in a wall covered over 500 sketches. The groups of 50 students were contagiously enthusiastic, diligently acquiring sketching skills.
It was a joyful, educational experience!.."