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Design sketching courses and consult.


“Our aim is to educate
and prep students for design practice”

Teach students how to use sketching more effectively in their design process, and set competences that suit nowadays design practice.

Our team of educators has a broad range of experience in both developing curriculum and teaching design sketching at Universities and Art Academies.

We also provide visual communication lectures.


Student workshops

Students enjoy and benefit from an intensive training to boost the development of their design sketching skills. Our workshops are aimed at using sketching as a design tool.

Workshops can be performed in a set time period; either several sessions, an intensive week, or a summer course, for example. During this time, students can focus specifically on expanding their design sketching skills.


“We are happy to share our teaching method and curriculum expertise”

Wish to know more about what design sketching education to offer your students to get them visualize their ideas better and more effective? What competences to reach for, and how to set up a solid curriculum?

Over the years we have gathered our expertise in design sketching education at both universities and art academies globally. We can advise you which competences suit today's design practice and how to incorporate these into your curriculum.
Teacher team trainings are very effective in getting all involved working towards the same goals. Our instructors can inspire you with up-to-date insight in the application of sketching in practice.

Our clients



“Inspiring insights in visual language”

We provide lectures for seminars about visual language and the context of design sketching in communicating ideas in product design.


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