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Company workshop

In-house and Custom made.


“It can be a real eye-opener”

We develop and teach custom made in-house design sketching workshops that are set according to your wishes and that are tuned in on your specific situation.

Learn how to use sketching more effectively in your design process, and how you can quickly sketch your ideas in a presentable way in a team discussion or a client meeting.

Sketching together also serves good team-building and adds to forming a collective approach and house style.



In our experience, a series of 3 to 6 sessions will do the trick to get you started in sketching better as a team.
A course can take place during the day or in the evening, and usually lasts 3 hours.

In case of a small group, FLEXIBLE sessions could also be scheduled in our studio.

We develop courses for sketching with fineliner and marker, or digital sketching courses. If necessary, we do have several Wacom tablets we can bring.

Our process


We will ask you to share with us :
- insight in the current level of sketches of the participants
- specific wishes and problem areas
- the situations in which sketching is now or will be used


With the input we can provide you a quote for a custom-made workshop at your company. The contents of this training can be applied directly to actual situations, and offers a possibility to use confidential design cases in the workshop.

Start sketching together towards a collective approach in your sketching style.


Get In Touch

If you are interested and wish to know more or receive a quote, please contact Roselien Steur.

Boomsluiterskade 363
NL-2511 VH Den Haag

P: +31 (0)6 1817 5856


“We are happy to share our insight in visual communications”

If you wish advice on how to better present your ideas visually, we can be of help. Crowd funding, for example, requires another approach in visual style then pitching for a client.

Over the years we have gathered our expertise in visual language. Both by making presentations and while authoring our books, which gave us insights "behind the scenes" of many leading design studio's.