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product design

design strategy // concept development // styling


“first we develop a clear vision”

A product shape has functional values, and abstract values such as meaning or emotion. These are of great importance in product usage and user acceptance of a new product.

'we experiment, discuss and citisise'

a thorough look at the design context,
now and in the future

start a project with a clear vision

a shape has meaning, evokes emotion and is self-explaining

products that touch people on a functional and emotional level

Design strategy

context // future // vision

We will always start with determining the 'design context'; future scenario's of man and habitat that determine the product's environment.

From this anaysis product chances emerge. Its viablility, to what critera, how to strengthen it?

design strategy 1

Concept development

functionality and shape // user context

Our experience in Automotive Engineering,Industrial product Design, and Fine Arts, engages us in combining technology with emotion.

It is crucial to balance usage, functionality, shape and meaning of a design. Esthetics is of great importance, as is the user intuitively reading a products usage (self-explaining).

cityhawk styling
cityhawk styling

look & feel

materialise // styling // semantics

"that shape really connected to our target group"

We can add emotional value to a technical project. Styling can communicate the product values to a target user group.

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design support

During meetings or brainstorm we can visualise ideas and make them better discussable.
design visualisation

We specialise in design visualisation, to help you share your ideas better and convincingly.
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visual storytelling

You can contact us for consult and tailormade solutions of product presentation, portfolio's.
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