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pitch with impact


“people react more direct to an image”

If you wish to visually communicate your ideas more effective, we can help. Crowd funding, for example, requires another visual style than a pith for a potential client.
We specialise in design visualisation en communication of ideas. You can contact us for consult or tailor made solutions of product presentations, design contests, portfolio's, and visual communication of ideas; with impact.

presentatie design

visual storytelling // maatwerk

We consult companies in visual communication and presentation by analysing the presentation in a holistic manner: both the storyline, and the visuals that support and strengthen it.
Presentation with visual impact of idea.
"being a young enterprise, you can use a little help "


Especially start-ups are relatively often tied up in aquisition and fundraising.
Visual communication plays an important role in this.

design visualisation

It is crucially important that your product ideas evoke enthousiasm for others to join you or invest.
We help visualise your ideas for pitching or fundraising.

design styling

How do you develop the most suitable look & feel of your product? Can styling help strengthen the concept? How can the shape be more meanungful?
In this process we can help.

product portfolio

How do you make sure your product portfolio represents you well?
How van your portfolio help you achieve your goals?


If you are looking for a critical view, are interested or wish to know more, please contact Roselien of Koos.

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design support

concept development

We help developing the look and feel of products, which is important for their user acceptance.
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During meetings or brainstorm we can visualise ideas and make them better discussable.
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design visualisation

We specialise in design visualisation, to help you share your ideas better and convincingly.
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visual storytelling

You can contact us for consult and tailormade solutions of product presentation, portfolio's.