We visualise innovation.
From freehand to foto-realism.

system visualisation

working // system // process

Complex innovative systems are often hard to communicate understandably or insightful. A proces visualisation can map connections and cohesion in a clear way.

System visualisations provide overview, explain a working. It makes tangible and discussable. Freehand realisme, photocollage or schematic imagery.

Hoofdbeeld van het Programma MaaS (Mobility as a Service) van het ministerie van infrastructuur en waterstaat.

customer journey

people // interaction // persona's

When a product or service is designed, a user scenario can help evaluate and communicate the impact of the product in reality.

We specialise in realistic scenario's that can be used in presentation, pitch or fund raising. To convince and energise others for your idea.
We can help translate writtenscenario's to visual ones, set up a storyboard, user-product interaction and experience, and customer journey's.
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presentation design

Visual storytelling. Storyboarding, Pitch and Presentation.
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roadmap strategic

vision // innovation // change

To evoke change a roadmap can serve to set out the path. Visualising this roadmap, makes it 'tangible' and discussable.

Often the goals are abstract, and a visual can make the process better understandable for those involved. This common goal can serve as a reference to reflec and mirror your current situation, and to communicate your message.
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Excerpt of a series of roadmaps for the Dutch ministry of infrastructure / Unit in Innovation

data and graphics

data visualisation // infographics // insight

We use a clear style to visualise complex coherency. You can contact us for the translation of written (policy) documents into clear visuals or to translate a complex work process or modus operandi in a visually simple, accessible way.
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visual facilitation

Visualisations in the context of ideation.
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Artist Impression

futur image // user context // realistic

Innovaties require images. They can involve others and spread enthusiasm. Sometimes an ideas needs more context to be understood. Suggestion may play a more important role than precision.

Sketching is the perfect means for this.

> examples in commission of Metro Skyways :

Exploded views

working // how parts relate // Technical illustration

An exploded view can give the viewer a look insode. It is a technical illustration, one that provides an overwiew of working or the relation between various parts.

Excerpt of a series for GE - Plastics :