We visualise innovation.
Freehand and realistic.

strategic roadmap

vision // innovation // change

To evoke change a roadmap can serve to set out the path. Visualising this roadmap, makes it 'tangible' and discussable.

Often the goals are abstract, and a visual can make the process better understandable for those involved. This common goal can serve as a reference to reflec and mirror your current situation, and to communicate your message.

Excerpt of a series roadmaps / infographics for the Dutch Ministery of Infrastructure :

Screenshot Screenshot
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working // system // process

Complex innovative systems are often hard to communicate understandable or insightful. A proces visualisation can map recoprocal connections and their cohesion.

Process illustrations give an overview, explain a working. At the same time, a freehand visual has impact. This will allow clarity to be communicated with dynamic impact.

customer journey

people // interaction // persona's

When a product or service is designed, a user scenario can help evaluate and communicate the impact of the product in reality.

We specialise in realistic scenario's that can be used in presentation, pitch or fund raising. To convince and energise others for your idea.
We can help translate writtenscenario's to visual ones, set up a storyboard, user-product interaction and experience, and customer journey's.

Excerpt of a MaaS marktconsultation for the Dutch Ministery of Infrastructure :

Sketching is where rational and emaotional criteria meet.

Visuals need to be transparent, but must also convince.


“That sketch made our idea come to life.“

Visualising has a special role in product design. Concept development, fund raising, client meetinf, etc. Often people having various backgrounds need to understand and evaluate product ideas.

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Sometimes suggestion is more important than realism or precision. A sketch is a perfect means to achive just that. We can quickly work up a sketch for presentation with material expression that leaves room for interpretation ..
Some ideas need context to be understood; for example life style context. Quickly work out an idea (digitally) to a presentation by placing it in an environment ..
Probleem solving
Visualising ideas early in the design process, often bring aspects to light that need attention. This way visualisations have a problem solving character that supports the design process ..

Visual Pitch / Artist Impression

presentation // user context // realistic

Innovaties require images.
To convince others, gain insight or evoke enthousiasm. A realistic visualisation can communicate an early concept in the context of a future scenarion with great impact. This way you can involve other parties and spread enthousiasm.

We make freehand, realistic drawings. For press releases, pitches and fundraising.

> examples in commission of Dutch Ministery vof Infrastructure and Urban Aeronautics :

Exploded views

working // how parts relate // Technical illustration

In research reports a visualisation can be an important asset. Niet op de laatste plaats geeft het toevoegen van een afbeelding aan text een veel grotere zeggingskracht dan woorden alleen. Innovaties kunnen baat hebben bij een technische uitleg in beeld. A drawing can explain very specific (technical) information in an understandable way to a broader public.

An exploded view often gains insight into the (hidden) interior of an object, but can also show working and how parts relate.

Excerpt of a series for GE - Plastics :

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Wat en Waarom
During the first meeting we will discuss purpose of the drawings. Together we will set what kind of drawings suit best. Based upon this discussion we will make a planning and a quote.
Idee & Iteratie
We start researching and we will come up with several prepositions sketches. Often, during a lively process this is the point where issues arise that were not made visual earlier. This is an iterative process and is different for each situation.
When all decisions have been made, or after e set number of iterations, we can start the actual elaboration of the drawings.

In general, this is the shortest phase of the visualisation process ..
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presentation design

Visual storytelling. visualisationss in the context of pitch en presentation.
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