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Design visualisation workshops

For design professionals.

Small groups & personal coaching

We believe in a hands-on approach. In our sketch training you will apply sketching in a design driven context. Sketching cannot be learned from books or video's alone. Exercise and personal feedback are more effective, and will prevent you bfrom 'being stuck'.

Because everyone has their own learning curve.

sketch workshops
1- or 2-Day
Individual enrollment, small groups
Location: Den Haag, NL

Several sessions
max. 8 persons
Location: client


Location: online
"a fresh view on your development"

life long learning

Challenge yourself to the next level

design visualisation
Visually empower your ideas for a pitch or presentation.
Place your sketches in the context of visual storytelling. Taylor your portfolio to achieve your goals.
design sketching
Get more out of design sketching as a design tool. Thinking out loud on paper, visually explore options, reshape, explain and convince others of your ideas.
sketching support
Setting up your digital tools, essential sketching techniques.
Books, online tutorials, tools & tips, and workshops to support or start with.

1-Day design sketching (markers)

1 DAY €


*(ex VAT)
Short to-the-point workshop; basic principles of design sketching. You will practice several fundamental drawing aspects and the specific design sketching approach.
  • for whom : Professionnals who wish to boost their skills in short time, or professionals who just started to sketch.
  • Entry level : all
  • Sketching tools : paper / markers

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    1 day workshop
    The subjects: confident sketching, guidelines, choosing viewpoint, shading, geometric product shapes.
    This workshop is advised as a preparation to a 4 session workshop.
    Bring: notebook+pen, A3 markerpaper, fineliner and markers. Info sketching tools : HERE.
    Prapare: -
    Planning day: 9:30 - 16:00 Lunch included.

Design Sketching (digitaal)

1 day €


*(ex VAT)
Get to know the fundamentals of digital sketching. Custom brushes, settings and colour use; clearly explained.
  • For whom : Professionnals who wish to boost their skills in short time, or those who just started to sketch.
  • Entry level : all

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    1 day workshop
    You will practice to customise tools, settingsand colour. Create and save custom brushes and colour, so you will have your personal palet at hand anywhere. Of course sketchign and personal handwriting are given attention. All levels.
    Bring : Onur studio is equipped with various Wacom tablets, but you are welcome to bring your own gear.
    Prepare : Info on software and tablets HERE.
    Planning : 9:30 - 16:00 Lunch included.

2-day workshop
design sketching applied

Personal // tailor made
2 DAYs €


*(ex VAT)
Dive into the world of design sketching. These 2 days you will be inspired to bring your work to the next level.
The 2 person teacher team will look into your specific situation and feedback you on the issueas that apply to your situation.
  • For who : product designers
  • Entry level : intermediate to edvanced
  • Sketching tools : markers or digital, up to you
  • Software: Adobe Photoshop, SketchbookPRO, Corel Painter or chosen software.

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    What to bring : A3 paper and fineliner/markers if you wish to work on paper. For a digital skethcing : Our studio is equipped with iMac+ Intuos and Cintiq, SketchbookPRO, Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter, but you are welcome to bring your own gear (iPad, Surface or compu+tablet).
    How to prep : We will contact in advance to set content.
    Planning day : 9:30 - 16:00 Lunch is included.

    2 day workshop
    Both quick sketch exercises and in depth ones will interchange in quick order, applied in design releted exercises. Sketching techniques, digital or paper, impact and style of your sketches will get a solid boost in a short time. Sketching experience desired.


Per hour €


*(ex VAT)
You will be coached 1 on 1 on moments that suit your agenda. You can use these sessions to plan a coaching trajectory, or to seek on-off advice.
  • SESSIONs : whole year around

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sketching books

International bestsellers in product design education
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Learning support

- tips, tools and online tutorials -
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