Our studio specializes in design & sketching, tailoring visualisation workshops for clients all around the globe.

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Hands-on method, personal feedback.

  • Active learning
    We believe in active learning. In our workshops you will lear to sketch in a design driven context. Sketching will not be learned by books or video's alone. Practice and personal feedback are more efficient, and will prevent you from getting stuck.

    Because everybody has their own learning curve 
  • Design sketching
    Use sketching to analyse, brainstorm, explore, communicate. To make an idea, process or product tangible. To explain or to convince.
    By sketching you will train your thinking, your feel for shape proportions, esthetics. It will sharpen your visual language.
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In-house training

Tailor made creativity & visualisation workshop at your design studio.
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Tailor made design visualisation workshops for universities.
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in our studio

Enroll individually for a small group workshop.
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